I’m trying to write something but this line is the only thing that came up : "In my Fortress of Solitude, there where I keep you.. And although Star War is over, you're still my Skywalker. " Mmh.. so rhyme yet so.. bermasalah.. It’s like give someone spell sectumsempra, slashed by a sword.*senyum lebar sedikit … Continue reading Sectumsempra


Yes, I’m having a baby…

Eits.. ini bukan baby manusia yang nangis di saat popok basah ato lagi lapar, haus dan macam-macam lainnya. Ini project baru saya yang butuh perhatian besar karena melibatkan uang gak sedikit. Namanya The Curve dan ini Cafe & Bar non Alcohol untuk Bola Mania di Makassar. Sedikit cerita tentang 'The Curve', ini adalah project saya … Continue reading Yes, I’m having a baby…

Me Against The World

No one ever gets tired of loving But everyone gets tired of waiting, assuming, hearing promises, saying sorry and all the hurting. So here I am moving forward to take all the chances. I don’t want to wait anything that I’m not sure ofI don’t want to assume anything, I would be misunderstoodI don’t need … Continue reading Me Against The World